Tanjabul Studio is the endeavor of two friends who met while volunteering to decorate their boys' kindergarten classroom. Many, many hours of play dates, soccer practices, and swim meets later, Christine Hammond and Cathy Sunu decided to join forces and create a service that they felt their community needed: modern, timeless photos that parents would be proud to display in their homes in a TANJABUL way! 

Cathy Sunu has lived all over the country as an Army brat but has settled down in Austin, TX for the last 10 years. She's been a professional photographer running a commercial photography studio since 2008. Having come from a musical family, she spent the first twenty years of her life focused on studying classical music. She played the piano for 10 years and even majored in oboe performance for one year in college. A boy mom at heart, she loves catching bugs and going fishing with her boys. 

Christine Hammond is a native of California, and she is a mama to two boys. She spent her youth playing a myriad of sports, from basketball to softball to water polo and swim. With unending energy and enthusiasm, she is capable of juggling a million tasks with a smile on her face. She loves working with children and has previously worked in communications and marketing. 

Together, they hope to provide TANJABUL, timeless photos of the kids in their community!