We are available to photograph individual and group portraits of your ensemble, whether it's band, orchestra, choir, or theater. At no cost to the school or organization, we will photograph your musicians/students on location and at your convenience.


Digital Downloads

When you purchase a digital download, you will receive a link to download a high resolution jpeg that you will be able to take to any printer of your choosing. You can print at any size and quantity. Images may only be used for personal use.



You can purchase lustre, glossy, or deep matte prints.
4x6 - $5
5x7 - $8
8x10 - $10
and many more sizes to choose from. You can order exactly what you want, a la carte. All prints come from a professional photo lab and are shipped directly to you.

Starting at $5

Specialty Products

There are large format prints, canvas prints, metal prints, wood prints, and even cards that you have the option to purchase. Showcase your images beautifully with one of these unique products.

Pricing varies based on product

FAQ for organizations

I'm a parent and would love for my school to hire Tanjabul. How do I make this happen?

Ultimately, it is the school or organization that has to hire us, so be sure to send our website and contact information to your school's administration (, and let us know that you're interested in having us photograph your school, and we will reach out to them directly.

Is there a fee to book Tanjabul?

No, there is no no charge to the organization or school that hires us to photograph portraits. We receive orders directly from parents who order from their galleries.

Does the school or organization have to do anything after booking?

Outside of communicating with their parents about the details of the shoot, they do not have any other involvement in the process as galleries and digital files are all sent online. Prints are shipped directly to those who place the order. The school/organization is not required to deliver prints to the students.

Do you provide yearbook and group photos?

Yes, we provide yearbook, staff, and group photos at no cost to the organization or school.